Choteau Area Branding, Marketing, & Graphics Standards Guide

The Choteau Area Branding, Marketing, and Graphics Standards Guide was created with funding from the Montana Department of Commerce’s Tourism Grant Program, the Choteau Area Port Authority, the Choteau Tourism Business Improvement District, and the Choteau Chamber of Commerce.

If you’re just getting started with branding and marketing for tourism to Choteau, start by taking a look at the Choteau Area Branding Guide below. In it, you’ll find direction on how to position Choteau, focusing on action, adventure, and our great outdoor resources. You’ll also find information about how to use and position the Choteau logo and signature “swoosh” along with your advertising imagery.

Next, we’ve provided a few resources below including an image library with images that you can use for your advertising, the Choteau logo images, the fonts that meet our branding guide, a professionally produced commercial, and a set of short videos in playlist format that explain why people love Choteau.