May 25, 2017
May 25, 2017

Outdoor Recreation

Hiking Choteau

Choteau offers spectacular outdoor activities without the crowds that come with Glacier or Yellowstone National Parks. From hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex to a leisurely game of disc golf in town, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor recreation for every level in Choteau.

Hiking Choteau


Whether you want to take an evening walk on the Choteau Walking Path or a gorgeous day hike along the Rocky Mountain Front, a stay in Choteau offers many opportunities. Shorter day hikes are available on Forest Service lands to Headquarters Creek Pass, Our Lake, and Reardon Gulch. You can walk around Freezout Lake and see amazing shore birds, then head to Pine Butte Swamp Preserve and hike up the A.B. Guthrie Trail. Stop by the Rocky Mountain Ranger District office for more information.

Ab Guthrie Trail: Head north of Choteau on HW 89, turn left on Teton Canyon Road, drive 17 miles and turn left at the Pine Butte Guest Ranch sign. Continue over the bridge and straight beyond the mail boxes on the Bellview Cut Across Road. Continue south about 4 miles. The pull-out for the AB Guthrie trail is on the right with a small sign. Park and walk 400 yards up the ridge and you’ll have a terrific view of The Nature Conservancy’s Pine Butte Swamp Preserve to the east and the Rocky Mountain Front to the west. You can see grizzlies, moose, and elk as they wonder through Pine Butte Swamp.

Snow Goose Migration

Wildlife Viewing/Bird-Watching

Exceptional bird-watching is available just a short drive from Choteau! Head to Freezout Lake for geese, ducks, swans, songbirds, and shorebirds. Then take a drive along the Front to spot bluebirds, finches, raptors, and more. Take your apps or bird book along!
Snow Goose Migration
The Montana Dinosaur Center

Dinosaur Digs

Stop at the Old Trail Museum to learn about the paleontological history of the area. Then head to The Montana Dinosaur Center for a hands-on digging experience. Find out about the Montana state dinosaur, Maiasaura peeblesorum, who nested with her young just west of Choteau. “Jurassic Park” awaits you!
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Wildlife Viewing


Whether you are looking for a trophy elk or a mountain lion, hunting along the Front is truly exceptional. Outfitters offer guided hunts, but you can also get a tag and hunt on your own. Public land abounds. Want to hunt some pheasants? Opportunities on public and private land are numerous. Don’t miss the annual Old Trail Museum Wild Game Feed in March. Hunting is a tradition in these parts!
Ski Teton

Winter Activities

Whatever your winter sport interest, Choteau has the adventures you are seeking. Teton Pass offers alpine and backcountry skiing. Drive along the North Fork Teton Road and snowshoe off one of many trails. Do you like to snowmobile? Head for the West Fork Teton trailhead and track some snow.
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Horseback Riding the Bob

Horseback Riding

The Bob and the Front offer great trail riding, whether for a day or a week. Bring your own horse, park and camp, or take your pack stock on a Bob Marshall adventure. Information is available at the Rocky Mountain Ranger District. Nearby Wildlife Management Areas offer riding opportunities as well. Contact Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for more information. There are also opportunities to stay at a guest ranch for day rides or take an outfitted trip into the Bob.
Golf Choteau

Golf - Choteau Country Club

Choteau’s 9-hole golf course has some of the best views in the world. Enjoy the breathtaking vista of the Rocky Mountain Front while you putt around.
Disc Golf Choteau

Teton Disc Golf Course

Choteau’s disc golf features 18 holes and is located in the center of town. Tee off at the first hole next to the City Pavilion. Bring your own discs or buy some at Black Sheep Sports.